Classic Ferrari Value Development: a scientific approach
Red Blossoms is an independent market analyst and information provider for the classic Ferrari market. Red Blossoms is an expert in the value development of classics Ferrari’s and informs and advises collectors and investors. With our scientific value development analysis and sophisticated ratings of 226 classic Ferrari models and 63 modern Ferrari models, we help our clients with their purchases and investments.

Number of Classic Ferrari Cars (models from 1947-2000) categorized by Value
*Indicative, based on average value of models (updated 1 January 2017)

Classic Ferrari’s have been an interesting investment in the last 10 years. In the last decade the average return-on-investment of the models  from 1947-1972 was 14,89% per year.
But the ROI per model varies very much, the value increase of some models is only a few percent per year, while other models show an increase of more than 20% per year.

Our research uncovered that return-on-investment is not the only key to determine which Ferrari models are the most interesting. As the the graph below show, the value development curves of classic Ferrari models can be very different, because of different characteristics and different reactions on economic, financial and social factors.

Examples of different value development curves of three models  from 1999-2017 in excellent condition/ highest estimated value (blue curve), average condition/ average estimated value (red curve) and poor condition/ lowest estimated value (green curve). (All graphics are published in the Classic Ferrari Investment Report)

Red Blossoms has identified and analyzed many characteristics of the models and the reactions on external factors. Red Blossoms can help collectors and investors to select models which fit their personal preferences, objective of use, budget and ‘risk-revenue’ profile.

Classic Ferrari Indices
Red Blossoms has developed a unique classic car index system for classic Ferrari’s based on market capitalization and has defined, next to the Classic Ferrari Index (models from 1947-1989) three important categories based on age: Early Classics, Mid Classics and Young Classics. See also our webpage ‘Indices‘. All categories show different value development characteristics.

red-blossoms-classic-ferrari-index-categories-hagi-f-indexRed Blossoms Classic Ferrari Index
Period: December 1999 – January 2017

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