Red Blossoms researches and analyzes the classic Ferrari market and the value development of all classic Ferrari models. Our mission is to make the market transparent  in order to help to professionalize it.
All analyses and findings are annually published in the Classic Ferrari Value Development Report, ‘the worlds most comprehensive classic Ferrari market publication’.

Classic Ferraris
Enzo Ferrari started to build cars under the Ferrari name in Y1947. Until his death, 41 years later in Y1988, 186 models were developed and and around 58.000 cars were produced.
Initially our research focussed on these models, but later the models until Y2000 were included.
In this period from Y1947-2000 in total 226 models were developed and 105.265 cars were built.

Total number of Ferrari cars produced since the start in Y1947 (click image to enlarge).

Classic Ferraris have become the most valuable cars in the world, In Y2018 we estimated that around 6.572 cars are worth more than $1 million and 152 cars are worth more than $20 million.
In Y2018 two Ferraris were sold for record prices. In April 2018 $70 million was paid for a 250 GTO (s.n. 4153GT) and at the RM Sotheby’s auction in Monterey in August 2018 a 250 GTO (s.n. 3413GT) was sold for $ 48,4 million.

Number of Classic Ferraris Grouped by Value (Dec-18) (click image to enlarge)

Value Development
In the last decade enormous price increases have taken place in the classic car market. The average annual value increase of the 226 Ferrari models  from Y1947-2000 in the last ten years was 10,0% per year. Obviously, this percentage is not representative for each model. Our indices show that the models from Y1947-1972 increased by 13% per year, the models from Y1972-1989 increased by 8% and the models from Y1989-2000 by only 3%.
But also these indices are an average and are not representative for each model. Tables and graphics of the value development of each individual Ferrari model are published in the Classic Ferrari Value Development Report.

Interesting Times
Since the financial crisis in Y2007/2008 the value development of collector cars in general and Ferraris in particular has been very turbulent with big differences between the individual years. Also big differences between the categories per year, as the figure below shows.

Value Development Report
The Classic Ferrari Value Development Report 2018 is the fifth edition and is the most complete publication since its first version in 2014. In this report we present our analysis of the classic Ferrari market in 2018 and the value development of all classic Ferrari models in the last 20 years.

The report has an evolutionary format, which is every year updated and extended with new information, analysis and insights. In five years time it has  evolved into a 75 page report with 200+ graphics.

For more information about the report and ordering, see: Publications.





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