Ferrari Classics Index decreases for first time in 25 years!

The first half of 2016 showed the first signs of a cooling of the classic Ferrari market. The prices of classic Ferrari’s increased, but the number of transactions decreased. This continued during the summer until auction season in august. But after the spring, in October 2016, for the first time in 25 years, the went down overall and for the first time in the 25 years we analyse the market, the Red Blossoms Ferrari Classics Index (CF Index) went down with 0,55%.

In August 2016 the market cap was $ 38,9 billion and in October 2016 $ 38,8 billion. The CF Index shrunk from 575 to 571 points.

The decrease was mainly caused by the Ferrari Mid Classic models from 1972-1989. The prices of the Ferrari Early Classic models from 1947-1972 showed a smal plus of +0,3%, but this was not enough to neutralize the loss of the 70’s and 80’s models.

The younger models, the Ferrari Young Classics gained 1,9% in this period, but these models are not included in the CF Index.

After years of double-digit percentages of price increases, this may be the expected moment of cooling of the market.