Available now: Classic Ferrari Investment Report January 2017

The Classic Ferrari Investment Report is the most complete and comprehensive report about the classic Ferrari market available. It consist of 100+ pages and 275+ figures, tables and graphics about classic Ferrari models from 1947 until 2000.
A ‘must have’ for anyone who is active on the classic Ferrari market.

The report is updated twice a year and combines historical data with the latest information from hundreds of data sources and renowned classic Ferrari experts from all over the world. It has lead to an enormous database of hundreds of thousands sales prices, which is used to analyze and reveal the characteristics of the classic Ferrari market.


Market analysis
The reports classic Ferrari market is described and analyzed from 1987 until today. To identify relevant value development correlations, the value development of all models are analyzed by several shared characteristics such as: ‘age’, ‘engine type’, ‘type of car’ (competition/ production/ prototype etc.), ‘condition’, ‘number of cars on the market’ etc.
The report shows very surprising results and very interesting conclusions on this.

Return on Investment Rate
The report shows the Return-on-Investment Rate of 226 models in the last 15, 10 and 5 years.

Value Increase Stability Rate
Red Blossoms has developed this rating as a tool to indicate the stability and regularity of the price development of a model. The report shows the rating of 226 models.

Investment Attractiveness Rate
Red Blossoms has developed this rating a tool to show the attractiveness of a model to invest in based on historical price development. This rating is based on the combination of the Return on Investment Rate and the Value Increase Stability Rate.

Publication Classic Ferrari Investment Report January 2017:

  • 100+ pages, 275+ figures, tables and graphics
  • Historical market analysis since 1987
  • Current market analysis
  • Overview of the value development of 226 models from 1947-2000
  • Visual graphics of the value development of 226 models from 1947-2000
  • Indices: Ferrari Classics, Early Classics, Mid Classics & Young Classics
  • Market analysis by: ‘number of cars per model on the market’
  • Market analysis by: ‘type’ (production/ competition/ prototype)
  • Market analysis by: ‘price class’
  • Market analysis by: ‘engine’
  • Market analysis by: ‘condition of the car’
  • Return on Investment Rate of 226 classic models (5, 10, 15 years)
  • Value Increase Stability Rate 226 classic models
  • Investment Attractiveness Rate 226 classic models

The Classic Ferrari Investment Report is available in digital PDF format and in print.

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