6.572 Classic Ferraris valued over $ 1 Million

According to the latest data of Red Blossoms, the number of classic Ferraris that are worth more than $ 1 Million has grown to 6.572 in 2018. Almost half of them are worth more than $ 2 Million and 824 cars are worth more than $ 5 Million.
Classic Ferraris are the most expensive cars in the world. The most expensive classic Ferrari is the 250 GTO. In April 2018 $ 70 Million was paid for a Y1963 250 GTO (sn 4153GT) and at the RM Sotheby’s auction in Monterey in august 2018 a 250 GTO (sn 3413GT) was sold for $ 48.405.000 (incl fees).

Number of Classic Ferrari Cars (models Y1947-2000) by Value (per November 2018)
Number of Ferraris and their value (models Y1947-2000)