More Historic Research in 2019

When we started to build our database five years ago, we decided to look back for 15 years, so the effects of the ‘dotcom’ crash would be included. Since then our database has been filled with hundreds of thousands prices of all Ferraris models from December 1999 until today.
In the coming year we will reach 20 years of data, but the market is of course much older than that. So in 2019 we will start to extend our database with data from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s.

This will not be an easy job. Not only do we need a lot of data to create a representative database. We also need to cope with a very complex international car market, with much more differences in prices between countries and continents. And to make it even bigger challenge, we have to deal with many different currency exchange rates.

One of our focus areas will be the price development from Y1970 to 1999, the period that covers the start of the collector market in the early ’70s and the  years of the big car market bubble in the late ’80s and the crash in the early ’90’s.

Our findings and analysis will be published in our Classic Ferrari Value Report 2019, which will be available in December 2019.