Red Blossoms offers various services to buyers, owners, collectors, investors and investment funds.

Insider Information
For people who want to be actively informed about the classic car market in general and about the classic Ferrari market specific, Red Blossoms offers the ‘Insider Information’ subscription.
Red Blossoms provides the latest Classic Ferrari Investment Report and sends monthly Insider Information updates with the latest news, insights and the latest Red Blossoms research results and conclusions.
Subscribers also get access to a private section of the Red Blossoms website with detailed information about our research and the classic Ferrari market. The subscription includes :

  • Latest update of the Classic Ferrari Investment Report (70 pages and appendices);
  • Monthly Insider Information Update;
  • Access to website pages with data, overviews, graphics;
  • Access to website pages with all the Red Blossoms indices;
  • Access to website page with up to date market price information (expected).

For people who want help with the selection or acquisition of classic Ferraris Red Blossoms offers several services:

  • Collection assessment;
  • Model selection based on personal preferences, objectives of use, budget and ‘risk-revenue’ profile;
  • Inspection, verification and history check;
  • Advice about appraisal, acquisition, export/-import, transportation and insurance.

For more information, please contact Lodewijk Beijst:
T: +31 20 4411 559 (09:00 – 17:00 hours, Central European Time)
M: +31 654 771 552 (09:00 – 22:00 hours, Central European Time)

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